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How to do online coaching - 2 Online Coaching Softwares I can't do without

Wanna know my online coaching secrets?

As a coach for high achievers, I'm constantly looking for the best solutions so that my clients (aka (s)heros) can thrive.

Coaching is such a vulnerable yet creative and inspiring process, and I came here to honor it as such and level up this growth time!

Wanna know how this works?

When I started with bringing my business online, I used phone and zoom. Easy and efficient. But I knew my (S)heros deserved more.

More fun, better outcomes, and a growth EXPERIENCE.

As a non-techy and highly skeptical online tool user, I started to experiment with online tools. 🤪 To cut a looong story short, I was able to create experiences that not only help my (s)heros tripple their successes (I measured it time and impact wise) but have a journey they enjoy and treasure (I measured that through engagement and outcome).🥳

For inspiration purposes, here are my (s)heroes' two most appreciated tools, designed and used, so you can have greater engagement and motivation and thus get greater success.

1. The Mighty Network APP

This App is originally built for creating communities. However, this App is an awesome way to stay connected during your coaching journeys.

How I use it?

Each (s)hero has their own space with individualized content, homework, Q&A podcasts, and a check-in and out area. For my ©Transformation Code experiences, I add 21 days challenges so they get daily reminders on how to implement habits.

2. Miro

This digital whiteboard is gold for group and 1:1 coaching experiences.

How I use it?

I prestructure the session for my (s)heros and document their AHAS live. All homework is highlighted at the end of the session. I also use it for live check-ins (how are you? What's your intentions etc?) and check-outs but also for brainstormings on solutions and concrete strategies for implementing their goals and dreams. My (s)heros use it in their off

time to work on it further. It's livin and breathin' ;). It's fun and effective

Hope these two tools spice up and create more value to your clients' online coaching journey.

❓Wanna learn more about how to create online coaching EXPERIENCES for better engagement and client success? For smoother sales and money in your bank? Reach out at

Talk soon,

Yours Hedi, the Leadership Coach for the New Era

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