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How to overcome fear, anxiety and stress?

Updated: May 4, 2022

3 simple and super effective strategies to move "out of the zone" and into your intelligence.

Last weekend I went to one of my favorite places in the world... the Baltic Sea, and just did... NOTHING. (Except maybe smile at my husband for a sun picture and counting the clouds with my daughter) 😳

But other than that, I was again reminded of the power we humans have when everything becomes still, and we're in total peace. The best ideas pop in, and the greatest decisions can be made.- I, for one, decided to give regular free meditation sessions on the full moon - you're up for it? (Stay tuned...)

... We project everything we feel onto others, into our lives, and onto this world. We are creating it from our state and place of being. That's not whoowhoo. It's quantum physics. Wanna be peaceful and create a world of more peace? DO THIS.

1st) Take a break & Breathe - Calm your nervous system

Whenever you feel stress or fear, and you want to get out: TAKE TIME OUT. Sit somewhere quiet and breathe. Breath into your nose on 4 counts and out on 6. Another deep breath in on 4 and expand breathing out to 8. That way you're nervous system gets wined down. Repeat for at least 9 times and relax your whole body.

2nd) Feel & Ask - Process and make use of your unwanted emotions

The biggest issue is: We don't feel our emotions. Most of us have learned to shut them down.

BUT E-Motions are "energy in motion". They want to move. Or else they get stuck and locked in and amplified over time. Not a good strategy.

Feel it, locate it in your body...and let it move. Cry if you want, shake yourself, breathe even deeper. All perfect strategies to say goodbye to the stuck feelings.

Also, talk to your fear. Ask yourself: Is the feeling I'm feeling the only truth? Is there another truth to this that serves me better?

Notice what comes up. Know that it's all in your head, and you can mold your truth in whatever way it serves your mental health.

BTW: My favorite assistant for deep breathing and "burning" old energy forever is this WIM HOF 10 min exercise.

3rd) Focus - Create your future. NOW.

What you focus on expands. Drama baby? You'll get more drama. Anger darling? You'll get more of it. Gratitude? Hey, you'll get more to be grateful for. Feeling peaceful...joyful... sure: Here is more. Choose what you want to focus on, imagine its all there already, and breathe into that 1 feeling. Hold it for 2 minutes. Really hope this helps. Again: Free full moon meditations are coming up, and for all other programs to help you shift into living your authentic life, you know where to find me. So much love. Take care,

❤️ yours Hedi

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