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Quick, fun and easy energizer. For teams, small groups, and even your family.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Energize your team, your department, conference, AND IN TIMES LIKE THESE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. In under 5 minutes.

But watch out: This activity might get you addicted. I've had students who could not stop doing it and carried on in trains and on the streets on their way home.

What am I talking about?

The classic and must-have of any warm-up/ energizer collection:


Why is it so addictive?

Because it’s so easy.

It is the ultimate game for little time and no probs.

All you need is yourself and a partner and an arm length of space.

And the fun can begin.

Click here and do it wherever you are.

Let’s clap, let’s energize, let’s have some serious fun today.

Yours Hedi

PS: Would love to know about your experiences with the Danish Clapping Game or energizers in general. Just drop a line down below! THANK YOU.

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