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Team building for the lazy ones. Here comes the Check-In Generator!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Whoop, whoop!

Today I'll share with you the digital tool that does the work FOR YOU! And which makes you never run out of team check-in ideas again!

Why is team building important?

Team building activities, even tiny ones under 5 minutes, can largely increase your meeting's productivity! Why? Because: Everyone is "there "and engaged, the team is connected, focused, and ready to roll. You are setting the stage and mood for everything else to come! You rock!


What if you don't have TIME to prep? 

Or don't know WHAT to prep?

Then this week's innovation training might become your secret weapon.

What is it?

It's a pool of questions for three types of check-in sessions:

For a practical check-in asking for example: What are the top three work issues on your mind?

For a creative check-in with a question like: Are you spring, summer, fall or winter?

Or for a reflective check-in with this one for example: What helps you get you in the flow?

This resource is magical. I've used and passed it on soooo many times.  

It's time for a proper session on this life enhancer: Click below, sit back and enjoy this tool being presented to you. ;)

For a quick fix: scroll down.

Quick Fix:

Click here to collect your random question or use the filter for more directive prompts.

Pass the question to your team members.

Give them a couple of seconds to reflect.

Ask one person to start. Then ask for the next, then the next and so on. Until everyone had their go.

Directly after each one finished, you might want to ask "why" he/she chose this answer. That way you will get more in depth insights. And start a more meaningful conversation and connection of your team.

So now. What do you think about this tool? Is it helpful? Which questions have you tried and what AHAs do you have? Would love to read your comments in the section below.

Wishing you a happy Tuesday,

XXX Hedi

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