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3 Steps to make your Identity Shift work

Spring Equinox is a potent time for change and renewal. 🌷

It's time to shed your heavy winter clothes, you maybe wore all your life time. And get a little lighter. ✨🦋

Here is my transformational advice to get you started. All of it for healing and shedding limits and blocks. And a fresh start for the next level you.

1. Ask: Who do I want to be in 6 months from now? Identity work is one of the most powerful strategies to move into a more fulfilled and more YOU phase of your life.

2. Be: That person by making the choice and imitating the thoughts beliefs and actions of this identity you want to become. Starting NOW.

3. Feel: Everything that wants to be felt. All triggers reminding you that it's time to let this trauma and old version go. Shower yourself with self-love and kindness in the process of change and renewal.

Change is never easy, because it means saying good-bye to an old version of yourself. Realizing and leveling up your consciousness.

And each journey is unique! Some clients of mine need support in grieving, forgiving, releasing or integrating this old chapter of their life to make space. Others need clarity of their purpose, values and a strategic vision vision for their work life style to catapult themselves to their next level.

Never compare your journey to others! Just keep moving ahead one step at a time!!

Give yourself the time. And space.

Wonder-FULL equinox to you 🌷🌷🌷 I'm here for you.


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