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Don't Fit In! How To Embrace Your True Authentic Self

Have you ever wondered why some people are ultra-productive, mostly in a magical mood, and blessed with synchronicities happening for them all the time?

While others are constantly exhausted, trying hard, overwhelmed, and feeling disempowered?

Most people believe it's something to do with circumstances, sleep, or a better diet when I can just pass my one and only discovery and explanation to you.

They embrace and more importantly live their true authentic self.

People who do not leak ANY energy are simply in the total alignment of uplifting thoughts and emotions, actions, and words.

When you don't waste energy anymore pretending or speaking yourself into believing the job or relationship is right for you. There is no inner negotiation or forceful motivation needed anymore overruling your intuition saying "no". Your inner struggle has ended, the energy leaker number 1 is closed, peace is flowing, and so are you. I know this isn't easy. I'd say 99% of all of us are not raised that way. We are naturally pretending (at least a little bit ;)) to be accepted, loved, or promoted. Our twisted world is not set up for empowering individual human potential. BUT. If you're not super triggered at this point and want to change something about it, I can tell you: You absolutely can. How? 👉 Book a date with yourself. 👉 Make a list and become conscious. 👉 Ask yourself:

Where do I intuitively FEEL this isn't a great fit for me but TALK myself into believing otherwise? What am I currently DOING that isn't in alignment with what I truly FEEL or THINK? And what am I SAYING that isn't matching at all what I FEEL? Just to be liked or not judged?

Be super honest with yourself. Cut out the stuff no longer serving you, manage what you need to on a low level and super engage into what supports you to spread your wings and FLY. I know it sounds crazy: But I believe we can really change this world by living to our truest!!! potential and passions. And each one of us has a unique gift that needs to be expressed right now, so we can create a world that is based on empowerment, light, and love. Have a wonderful day, you've got this. Spread your wings, AND FLY!

❤️ Yours Hedi

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