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How to transform your life? Personal development keys to success

Updated: Jan 17, 2022


If you want to transform your life but don't know how you are at the right place. Personal development can feel and be super messy and overwhelming. But I've got great news for you.

There is actually a success blueprint that helps you create your life the way you want it, even if you don't know yet how this looks like.

Through my painful transformation, I've discovered nine keys to successfully transforming your life, and here I am giving you an overview that provides you with some more juicy depth.

So you can make the first powerful moves!

You know, apart from that, you are the change, and it's all in your hand and heart. You are more powerful than you think.

So let's not wait another second. Let's begin with the 9 keys to success, my 3x3 = YOU Formula for successful transformation.

The 3x3 Formula

The 3x3 Formula holds the essence for awakening to your true potential and power, transforming into invincibility so you can take any hurdle you like and need to and create the life, business, and relationships of your dreams.

It means a lot of shedding your old skin, which means your old disempowering programs and limiting beliefs.

It's when you become yourself.

The main principles of the 3x3 = YOU Formula are willingness, clarity, and energy.

And here they are in a nutshell.


Being willing is the absolute base for making powerful changes in your life. To make changes, you need to move out of your comfort zone. Then you can make the first step and grow.

And what else is the willingness composed of?

Check out the 3 essential keys to it here?

🗝 1. Awareness and Choice

Success key Number one is becoming aware that nothing is permanent and that change is the only constant in life. Also that you can choose to grow from this experience, update yourself and life and use the mess to your fullest advantage. Not losing anything, but gaining tons.

🗝 2. Responsibility

Success key number two is to stop blaming and waiting for something in the outside world for salvation, but step into your self-responsibility shoes and take charge of your destiny. It doesn't mean you are pushing away or ignoring any pains and trauma. It means you are not letting your past dictate your future.

🗝 3. Honesty

Success key number three is becoming super honest with yourself. Stop playing roles and pleasing anybody. Look your authentic power and purpose as well as your shadows into the eyes. What you can't see, you can't change. So be brave and be willing to see.

Now you're willing and want to go for it. But there is a huge transformation problem that I've discovered:

You do know where you want to change out of. But not what to change into. What you therefore need is clarity.


So the following three success keys help you get super clear on what that perfect picture is. It's your inner compass and guidance even through chaotic and uncertain times.

🗝 4. Purpose

Success key number four is your purpose. It's your motivator, why you get up in the morning. And why you can't wait for the beautiful day. It's your soul-felt reason for being here. When you know your purpose, nothing can blow you over. Most people know what they do but not why. Invest in the why, and you unlock a well of energy inside you.

🗝 5. Values

Success key number five is clarity about your values. Become conscious of your values, speed up decisions and make the right decisions for you based on them. Become happier, more fulfilled, and in alignment with your natural drivers.

🗝 6. Visions

Success key number six is: Know your direction. What kind of relationships do you want to live? How does your work-life integration look like? And what does it mean to live a healthy and happy life for you? IT's the perfect pictures (visions) that give you focus and direction day in and day out so you can create the life you desire.


Lastly, the important success enhancer comes into play: Your energy or, in other words, state of your thoughts and emotions (mindset) and how you put your dreams into action.

It's wonderful that you now have the clarity, but if you believe that you can't make it, you will create low emotions, your actions become weak or nonexistent, and you have a weak or no result in the end.

To prevent that, you need these three and final magical keys for your personal transformation success.

🗝 7. Mindset

Success key number seven is your magic mindset, in other words, thoughts and beliefs that empower you. Since we have a hardwired survival brain, an old "hard disk" that wants to keep us safe, and danger-prevention- mode, you need to rewire it consciously towards your set of nurturing and empowering beliefs.

🗝 8. Emotions

Success key number eight is linked to the above and your secret power. If you hold uplifting joy and love in your heart, you can create from a place of flow. No more fighting but creating!

🗝 9. Actions

The final success key is the power of inspired actions. It's where everything, your purpose, values, and visions, come together, and you move freely with a thriving mindset and emotions towards your dream life. And beyond.

So, now my dear.

As you've now learned, personal transformation is not a myth. It's really doable.

Now, is it work to be fulfilled and in a state of flow?

Yes, I'm not going to lie.


As I know from personal and professional experience, there is nothing more meaningful to this life. You deserve to live the most glorious version you can imagine and be the most fulfilled person you know.

Wanna stop waiting and wishing and start transforming? Then my dear, make sure to hop on the waiting list of our ALIVE! Mastermind here. It's a VIP journey through your transformation process. Towards the life of your dreams. Step-by-step. Click here and be the first to know when it opens again.

With all my love and bye for now.

Yours Hedi

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