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How to deal with depression? Interview with Body Mind Coach Imke Wangerin

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Because we are living in these crazy times (I don't think I have to be more specific;)), and a lot of us and/or the people we love dearly suffer.

I thought it's about time to get some help.

You know, I'm all about empowerment—especially self-empowerment.

And I found Imke, who not only shares these values.

But more than that: Has the How-Tos.

Imke is a Body Mind Coach, Yoga Teacher and Stress Management Trainer.

She has suffered from depression for 20 years and found ways that help her get out of the tunnel. Every time.

Imke offers a yoga and mindfulness program for people affected by depression.

And shares with you her BEST other words:

Her 1st aid for depression!

So, with all my heart:

Welcome to today's Super-Power talk.

🌟 click below.

Here are the LINKS, to get access to Imke's amazing offers:

👉 First Aid for people suffering from depression by Imke: Website

👉 Yoga from and for people with depression: Newsletter Sign Up to stay informed

In today's Podcast Imke mentions Vivian Dittmar. You can check her out here:

👉 "Mindful Discharging"by Vivian Dittmar: Website and her Entladungsraum (Room for Discharging, German)

All my love.

All my appreciation.


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