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How to get an instant power boost? The Power Posing Exercise by Amy Cuddy

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

The equation is so simple. Being in a state of YES, I CAN equals you can.

Being in a state of NO, OR MAYBE equals a weaker or even no result at all.

🧠 Thoughts equal emotions.

❤️ Emotions equal actions (or no actions).

👍And actions equal results.

Tadaaa. :)

Now, what if your head, this magical and most powerful force, has a little bit of an independent life? Acting like a roller coaster, but without the cashier and literally never stops?

Then this can help you.

The Power Posing by Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy (see her fascinating TED Talk here)

That thing you can refer to whenever you need your body intelligence to take over, produce a testosterone kick and keep the stress hormone cortisol where it's supposed to: low, low, low.

It's so handy before presentations in front of your boss, whenever your nervous before a special date, when you feel low after an endless day of breast feeding and rocking babies on the couch.

And the best part? It takes you 2 minutes. That's what it needs to be effective. I'll never forget the smiles it put onto the face of my students when they practiced it before our finals. 2 minutes before entering the stage. Surfing through their presentations with a ton of confidence. Every time. Pure bliss.

How to?

👉 Set your timer to 2 min

👉 Pick a power pose (any superwoman pose you can think of)

👉 Stand tall

👉 Breathe deep

👉 Every time you breathe in get bigger and taller


I literally can't wait for you to put this into your daily power toolbox.

Have a magical SUN-DAY, and till soon,


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