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The Map Of Consciousness Explained & How To Level It Up?

Updated: Jul 15

Consciousness creates your reality!

Consciousness is your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts, resulting in how you show up in this world and how you behave and act. And what and how you create and make changes.

As we are currently moving into higher states of consciousness (yeeeaah... as more and more light-workers are coming online (thank you!!!) and awaken to (their) truth, I wanna introduce you to this gem by Dr. David R. Hawkins: The Map of Consciousness.

An essential framework on human consciousness and associated energy fields. By simply reading it, you can do wonderful self-reflection rituals, and I wanna give you a little exercise to use this map to level up your energy, aka consciousness. To become happier, healthier, and more of your powerful self.

But first things first. How did The Map of Consciousness of Dr. David Hawkins come about?

Dr. Hawkins (1927 - 2012) was a psychiatrist and best-selling author. He was convinced that spirituality could help heal people and thus this planet.

During 20 years of research, Dr. Hawkins used muscle testing and conducted more than 250,000 calibrations to define a range of values, attitudes, and emotions that correspond to levels of consciousness. This range of values--along with a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1,000--became the Map of Consciousness, which Dr. Hawkins first wrote about in his New York Times bestseller, Power vs. Force.

What do you see on The Map of Consciousness?

When you look at Dr. Hawkins's Map of Consciousness, you see the levels of consciousness in the middle and the emotions (which means the states you are mostly in) in correlation to them on the left. You see the logarithmic scale of 1 to 1,000 right next to it, showing you that the emotion shame is the lowest energy, vibrating at 20. And that peace and enlightenment at 600, and 1000 the highest.

You see how the levels and energy correlate to your health (see far left). And how you naturally behave and act, in the different levels and emotional states, like "Hyper-Active" between 125 and 175 (in desire, anger, or pride). Or "happy and productive" between 200 and 350 in this world (see on the right).

How to use The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins?

There are many ways on how to move out of lower states. Feeling the emotions and consciously saying good-bye to them is one. Doing time-line-jumps or rewriting your old limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

One process that helped me massively with navigating through this process of self-transformation was even more simple. I call it the

Intention - Observation - Action - Exercise.

1. Intention

Our intention creates our reality - Wayne Dyer

Most of us are highly critical of ourselves, judgmental even. Looking at the map, maybe analyzing our past and then creating self-talk in our heads like, "oh gosh, for most of my life, I was in hyper-active mode, which means I'm in such low states of consciousness."

If you start there, you might manifest, confirm, and strengthen what you do not want: Lower levels of consciousness. You create low vibrations of shame and guilt. And that's not what you want, right?

So let's start differently.

With your end goal.

Start with an intention. Become clear of where you want to move towards in the next weeks and months. Write it down like a commitment to yourself.

Use the words "I AM" to intensify the intention and give the universe the signal that it's already a reality. Write down, for example: "I am optimistic," "I am forgiving," or " I am love."

2. Observation

The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment. - Swami Kripalu

Now observe yourself. Not like a maniac, but gently, without judgment. Most of us have been there. You are a gift to this world. You are taking self-responsibility and transforming yourself. That's A LOT!!!!

By observing, you simply make the unconscious thoughts and behaviors conscious. When you catch yourself with negative, judgemental stuff in your head and out of your mouth, you can now "catch them" gently and turn them into positive.

I know this sounds simple. And too good to be true. But you know what? I did it like that, and so did clients of mine. It worked and according to neuroscience setting intentions and speaking them into reality isn't so dumb after all;)))

3. Action

Emotion creates reality. Reality demands action. - Brian Eno

The last part is taking action. Every emotion is getting real in the action we take. How we behave towards another person, the words we use in our head and out loud. And the next steps we take.

Ask yourself. How can you translate your intention more and more into actions?

Like when you want to be optimistic, practicing optimistic self-talk and doing something you would normally not do—trusting that all will turn out well.

Or when wanting to be love practicing self-care every single day and reaching out to friends to say thank you for their amazing companionship.

Have fun designing your reality. Take one step at a time and truly enjoy this process.

You are so incredibly powerful. Disempowerment is going to stop this second.

Cause we are moving into a different world now. You deserve EVERYTHING AND MORE.

And I am certain that The Map of Consciousness by Dr. Hawkins, along with the Intention - Observation - Action - Exercise, helps you to get closer and closer and closer towards your desired way of being.

All my love, Hedi

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