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4 magical RITUALS to stay SANE and HAPPY

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

What can you do when you're day is not going so well?

How can you become calmer and centered and act from a place of alignment?

In this episode, I'll give you my fab 4. Things I do every single day, and which helped me to create a life I want.

Because all comes down to your energy, what you belief is true and your feelings.

It's all energy.

Your thoughts, and emotions are energy.

And they determine whether you have a great day, a mediocre day, or even a terrible day.

Cause your thoughts and emotions make you look at things a certain way.

And they make you behave and show up a certain way.

Think about it. When do you feel stressed about your kid yelling at you?

I experienced it yesterday. I felt shitty and made the situation way worse by playing an old record: Like "I do so much for her, and now she's treating me like I'm her slave."

I mean, come on, a three-year-old becoming this villain all of a sudden?

Not very plausible.

And then a great question inside my head: "Why can't she see how much I do for her every single day????"


So exhausting. And not at all what the situation was about. I think she was just terribly tired. And screaming was her way of showing me: "Mommy, I need your help. Put me down to sleep."

And by the way, when I did, everything was resolved.


Again our thoughts, old records, and beliefs hence emotions, are shaping our reality. Meaning YOU, ME Everyone is shaping and therefore responsible for their own reality. If I had reacted faster, the tantrum probably would not have lasted very long. And both of us would not have been so exhausted.

Which is at first a bitter pill to swallow. Because truthfully, we can not blame it on anybody else. Not the system. Not the politics, not our parents. That's the bad news here.

BUT the good news is: You can change it.

You can absolutely change the way you think, feel, and therefore act. And if you feel crappy, you should.

Because crappy thoughts lead to crappy emotions, lead to crappy actions or interactions, and to crappy or no results.

Great, positive, uplifting thoughts lead to the same equation.

And in this episode, I'd like to give you 4 simple habits to support you in this. So you can get your superpower back.

Ok? Great.


1. Go Within. Meditate!

Greatness is inner work!

I was not a fan of meditation at all. My mind went like monkey rabbits altogether having a party. That is normal at first. Our mind is not an app.

But you will master it over time.

Start with 1 minute 5 minutes.

There are wonderful apps like headspace or tons of resources on youtube.

The key is: Do it regularly every single day.

Don't wait until you have lots of time. That will never happen and it doesn't give you the results.

A couple of minutes a day add up to hours in no time.

And when you repeatedly do an activity, you strengthen the neural connections involved, which develops the associated regions of your brain.

So mindfulness is trained.

When you sit and relax and observe your breath, your thoughts, like an outsider. So in the real world can you relax, observe any situation much easier. And when you observe, you can change it, right?

Rather than being totally sucked into the situation, the drama, the argument, the tantrum, the emotion. You go like,

"wait a minute, is that serving me?"

"Can I change something about it?"

It's training your consciousness in any situation, really.

And it is my most important tool to stay sane in this world, centered and happy. And I mean tons of studies back it up.

And you don't need anything other than yourself, a quiet space and the will.

2. Practice Gratitude

This was the topic of the last podcast. So for more inspiration to make this a habit go back.

You can not feel anger or stress when feeling gratitude.

Try it. It's impossible.

So while meditating, before or after or in between, do a gratitude routine. Count your blessings, the things you can be grateful for at this moment, and see what it does to you and your mood.

3. Feel Your Emotions.

We have been programmed to believe that emotions are bad. Can you relate?

Therefore we suppress them, and you know what happens: They get stuck into our body, our system, our energy field.

Get them out.

Dr. Edith Eger, an amazing psychotherapist, said in her book "choice":

You need to feel it to heal it.

And I've witnessed this a thousand times. Feeling the triggers is no more than an information by the universe telling you: "dissolve me." It's not a threat, really.

Observe, look at it, feel it without judgment. I would always name it. And breath or journal or both until it's no longer there. Work through it. Say goodbye.

4. Rewrite your story.

Be aware that we all attach certain stories or labels to our behaviors.

Ask yourself: "Are they helpful?"

Like for example, "I'll never find the man of my dreams because my father abandoned me.

...My story, by the way. Helpful? Not so very much.

Rewrite your story.

Make your belief system work for you and never ever against you.

You have powerful capacities. Know that you are worth living from a place of joy, bliss, and peace.

And work on your inner world.

It's the only thing you can control. Start to live from the inside out.

When you change your inside, so will your outside.

And to end on that note, I'd like to quote Laotze, the Chinese philosopher:

Happy people build their inner world.
Unhappy people blame their outer world.

And another one because it's so good.

One who conquers others is strong,
One who conquers himself is all powerful.

Choose power, claim your power. ❤️

All my love



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