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3 Ways to LEVEL UP your Attitude of Gratitude Practice

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

An attitude of gratitude is a magical way of leveling up your vibration in no time.

Yet, in our 3 D reality, it's often challenging to integrate this way of being the way we'd like to.

I often get the comments like:

"I forget during the day." Or "I don't like journaling!" which is truly a great way of reflecting and counting your blessings whenever you can.

But I can safely say NO PROB! There is help;)

No matter if you're new to the practice of going within and seeing and feeling and thanking all the abundance in your life. Or if you're a regular looking for some inspiration.

Here are three fun gratitude exercises for you to practice gratitude daily.

Cause you won't get any results by just thinking about doing it. Right?

All of them are my clients' favorites and have enriched their life tremendously. Because where focus goes, energy flows, and what you focus on expands in no time.

So here they are, enjoy!

1. The Thanksgiving Dinner.

Every night, or whenever you and your spouses have food on the table, take a moment for your blessings. For everything that is going well in your life and the day thus far. Take a moment to thank each other, that your husband took care of the grocery shopping, that your kids are happy and healthy. And of course, the food on the table, which we take for granted oh so very often.

2. Gratitude Breaks.

Set your alarm three times a day. Repetitively. Each time your alarm goes on, take a moment, it's really not more than a minute, to close your eyes, breath deep, and with every new inhalation, think about one thing you are truly grateful for in this moment. To memorize it:

  • Do it 3 times a day.

  • Remember at least 3 things.

  • And give yourself the possibility for 3 deep breaths.

And you are super refreshed after that.

3. Daily Love Letters.

Write a short note, an email, a sticky note, a voice message, and send it to someone you are genuinely grateful for. Who helped you that day. Who makes you smile. And then make it a habit and bless one person per day.

Wonderful. You rock!

Gratitude is one of THE most powerful feelings. Practicing more gratitude makes us vibrate higher and the world a happier place. Send this to your soul family and inspire them to follow the movement of positively transforming our beloved mother earth.

With all my love to you and till soon,


"The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times."

Zig Ziglar

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