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My 6 personal failures and super learnings of 2021


To be honest, it was one of the toughest, but in the end, best, years I've had.

It was a year of new beginnings.

And that's what new beginnings are: Tough and messy.

Although we know that change is the only constant in life, our survival brain wants to keep us safe and, therefore, out of the unknown.

👉 If you happen to be in the messy bit of transformation, just keep going, and you will succeed.

👉 Turn things to the most positive, desired outcome and then move.

It's mainly about the focus and reframing.


So, if you feel like you would like to turn some messy bits of 2021 around, write them down.

Sentence by sentence.

And then reflect, asking yourself: AND WHAT DID I LEARN FROM THIS?

You'll see, life always happens FOR you and not TO you. For some more inspiration of what to do and what NOT to do in the next year, check my learnings of 2021 below. It's about failures and heart feIt-AHAs.


1.) Fix your crown - Use your failures to your advantage!

👉 It's totally fine to make mistakes! But not ok, if you're not trying.

Go for it in 2022!

Beginning of the year, I thought everything was crystal clear.

In 2020 I switched from 10 years of innovation consultancy to sharing my transformation tools, which helped me overcome my identity crisis and build myself and life from scratch when becoming a mom…sharing it only with MOMs.

It was obvious, and the demand was big.

Not understanding that transformation is not a matter of role but readiness.

Also, I created courses that were, sure, fabulous, but you know what transformation needs more than anything:

Support and a group showing you that you're more than ok feeling messy and confused at times.

That's why 2022 will be ALL ABOUT the transformation toolbox mastermind, an exclusive transformation experience, where you stop wishing and start creating yourself and dream life.

2.) Fear is an E-Motion = Energy in Motion

👉 It's totally normal to have fears! But not, if you're keeping them close to you, and if they are keeping you hostage.

Let them go in 2022!

This year I had moments I thought I was going insane.

Realizing: Wow, fear is for sure not for the fearless ;)).

Because I've had moments like these before, and I know it's just an E-Motion, which means "energy in motion", I was able to look it into the eyes. Finally, cause I often tried with the hard stuff.

Face it as long as it needed my fullest and most honest attention.

And old traumas came up. From previous generations even. Wanting to be released from my whole system. In the end, all worth it. I've never felt freer than I've ever felt.

Learning this: Fear is just an E-Motion, and when it knocks on your door, don't be impolite ;)

No, seriously, there is a reason it comes up, and all it wants is move out. Fear is learned or possibly just passed on from older generations, so not even yours. You are a creature of love and light. Claim it!

3.) 1 + 1 = 3 - Collaborate

👉 It's totally ok to not be perfect at everything. Identify, what you're lacking and then fill this hole with a rock star!

Collaborate and create together in 2022!

Are you wanting to write a book, create a course, or an entirely new business? But you're not going anywhere?

To get your power to the streets, check your strong and your weak points. And then: live out the strength and fill the gap with glory.

This year's learning was for sure: Don't do it all. Save your energy for the stuff that makes you vibe high!

I love to inspire people, motivate them to do the impossible. But I lack the patience of writing it down. I've always been the visionary, not the diligence bear (is that a word?). My grades at school can confirm that ;)

Mid 2021, I knew I had to write down my story, write a book … about overcoming my identity crisis and dark night of the soul, and with that help moms during their transformation process. But how?

The angel Eli, a journalist, blogger, and glorious human being, came along

And we applied the 1+1=3 Formula ;)

Meaning, together, we create a book, the changemaker handbook in 2022.

4.) It's about your heart

👉 Nobody cares about your certificates. They care about who you are as a person and the heart you carry.

Let you true authentic self shine in 2022!

People buy from people. Know your mission and role, and people naturally show up at your doorstep because of WHO YOU ARE.

Before I knew: Yeah, it's important to live your personality out loud and OF COURSE, know your purpose, values, and visions! But this year, oh boy, did this confirm itself over and over again.

I was still hiding behind my tons of certificates and clients reviews the years before. Going by the book rather than by the heart. This year it changed completely, and the level of impact is just so different.

People come because they love you, not because you have a degree from Smartville.

They come because they love your story and what you stand for.

And as most services are about trust, your authenticity is the most powerful base for serving your people the best way possible.

Never ever underestimate that humans are heart-based! Live yourself out loud. It's what you're here for!

5.) Have some "Sitting Meat" ("Sitzfleisch" is a German saying for: Just keep sitting, hang in there!)

👉 It's ok if you're feeling lost and alone. Misunderstood for the most part. But it's not ok to beat yourself up because of it. Most people who are awakening to their truth feel that way because they are no longer "programmed".

Know that: There are many people just like you, and the crowd is getting bigger by the day.

Hang in there, my friend!!

If you happen to wake up to your actual power and purpose. Or to the great awakening on a collective level. And if you're feeling this is all not succeeding fast enough?

Hang in there!

All great changes need time.

This is what 2021 taught me.

Your belief system is all that matters now, focusing on the positive and creating from that place. Nothing can crash actions coming from love and light as it has the highest frequency.

We've just passed winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Light will increase, and so will the collective be lit up more and more. You will gain more energy soon. And it's not about flying its about taking one tiny step at a time.

Adding up to your masterpiece.

Hang in there, move slowly but surely, my brave friend! You've got this.

6.) Express your gratitude

👉 Be grateful for everything that happened this year. It has given you opportunities to grow and learn.

Express gratitude to those who deserve it. Gratitude has the highest vibration and is actually a health treat if you do so regularly.

I know: My business is entirely based on the magic of human beings. I know that, only because wonderful people who are striving for more, who want to become the best version of themselves and 10x their lives exist, I can exist.

There is nothing but gratitude towards my clients and people out there who change their world and, by that, the entire planet.

Thank you.

I am so grateful you are here and on this journey of transformation.

I salute you!

Have a well deserving finale of 2021 and a powerFULL and colourFULL 2022.

Let's create the thriving year yet! I think it's time :)

PS: To end this year with a big BAM, make sure you hop on to the End of year session...

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