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Springcleaning! The magic and secrets to smudging with herbalist Clair Holt

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Smudging was a mystery to me. During my yoga teacher training back in the year 2014, I was introduced to sage as means to clear the air. I felt like I'm not getting it because the smell just reminded me of floods of sweat.

I tried incense sticks instead. But then felt the air was more and more puffing up instead of clearing and cleansing. So I gave up. For a while. Until I met her. Clair.

One of the wisest and funniest women I ever met. She was my coachee at a very earthly event: A Design Thinking Bootcamp. Clair, an HR Rockstar and mom by day and professional herbalist at night. I was able to ask her anything. And try out everything she had created.

From Solstice Mixes to Love Infusions. I mean, I fell in friendship-love with her the minute we met. But all over again, when she opened up this world of smudging and sensory wellness for me. I'm forever grateful.

So it was just a matter of time till both of us felt: It's time to share the gift of the lost, now more and more found necessity of us humans to smudge with you. I mean, this is what we did back in the days, and there is a reason for it... find out below.

This episode is full of magic and wisdom. And, of course, a step-by-step on how to spring-clean even without all the pro accessories.

Let the smoke begin.

Connect with Magical Clair via her Instagram or Website.

You still wonder: how to get started? Here is your STEP BY STEP.

Have a wonderful smoking adventure.

XXX, Hedi

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