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3 Habits of Self-Love. Or how you can level up your mental health quickly


Self-love is essential to our mental health. And mental health is the driver for staying motivated and overall good health.

We kind of know that, right?

Yet, our society hardly teaches or makes room to focus on the essential practice. Because yes, self-love is not just an emotional state. It's something you do to keep your mind, heart, body, and soul in balance. And ALIVE!

Here are three of my favorite principles to help step into self-love practice every single day.

1. Embrace ALL of YOU

Shift your eyes from looking at your flaws and embrace all of you.

We humans have colors. We have different emotions and sides to us. Love is unconditional, and it starts with accepting what maybe isn't perfect. At least not to you.

Embrace all your sides, your shadows, and the light. And be kind to yourself. You deserve it. Always.

2. Practice Uplifting Self-Talk

It all starts within your head. Thoughts become things.

You gain power through positive thoughts and emotions. If you beat yourself up, thinking you're not good enough, you will single handily put yourself into victim mode and a disempowered state.

Focus wisely.

On courage and gratitude. Not on reliving your struggles and past pains. And don't get sidetracked by your hard-wired survival brain that loves the same old same old. Nurture yourself with inspiration. Is it practice? Yes, it is. But start now, and it will become your second nature soon.

3. Set boundaries

Boundaries mean respect. And respect is essential in self-love.

You know what you tolerate, and you communicate where it starts for you. And where it ends.

Love and boundaries are very happy, healthy friends. They go through the thick of it. They know that you need to say STOP or NO if your sovereignty or mental health is at stake.

So, my dear. I hope this inspired you to make self-love more of a priority this year. We need you in your best shape, and you deserve to live a fulfilled life full of love.

All my love and bye for now,

Yours Hedi

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